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'The Flood Buzz™ Pro is like having your business card

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The Lowest-Cost Professionally-Focused Water Leak Alarm in the Market

This small, inexpensive, and loud alarm is quickly becoming an important customer relationship builder for plumbing, HVAC, insurance, and building maintenance service providers. As a marketing tool, the Flood Buzz™ Pro is the best way to put your name and contact information exactly where and when the customer needs you – when they have a leak. The Flood Buzz™ Pro delivers that cost-effective marketing advantage that will make a difference in your business.

How our Flood Buzz Pro Works

Water Leaks Happen


Just place a Flood Buzz™ Pro next to any potential water leak source and when water touches, it will let your customers know that they have a water leak with its loud 110-decibel buzzer. Your customers will call you because your contact information is right there on the Flood Buzz™ Pro.
The Patented Flood Buzz Pro is the lowest cost water leak alarm specifically designed for plumbers, HVAC contractors, water remediation companies, and building maintenance professional. Learn more about the all of the new Flood Buzz™ Pro by contacting us.

Our Testimonials

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“Since the Flood Buzz™ Pro needs to be replaced every 3 years, I’ll be able to reconnect with my customers on a regular basis.” 

Aaron Neo

“Not only does the Flood Buzz™ Pro help my customers by warning them of a leak before it becomes a flood, it also shows my customers that i do care about them. This has helped me develop great relationships with my customers.” 


“It lets my customers know that they have leak – and then they call me. Nothing could be simpler.”

Project Manager

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