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The Best And Lowest Cost Water Alarm Device with Loudest Buzzer in the market

Flood Buzz Pro is the new low-cost water leak alarm that is also a great marketing tool for contractors. Just place it next to any potential water leak source and when water touches it,

It will let you know that you have a water mate with its loud 110-decibel buzzer, but not only is the Flood Buzz Pro allowed water leak alarm it is also a great way for brands and
contractors to promote your business and get those service calls from your customers.

The Patent-Pending Flood Buzz Pro is the lowest cost water leak alarm specifically designed for plumbers, HVAC contractors water, remediation companies and building maintenance professional. Learn more about the new Flood Buzz Pro and all the advantages of this new water leak alarm by reading below

How our Flood Buzz Pro Works

Water Leaks Happen


Water leaks happen And any building manager or landlord who has ever dealt with the aftermath of a water leak knows how expensive and time consuming that problem could be. Damaged walls… rotting structures… leaking ceilings… destroyed furniture… flooded utility rooms and basements… angry tenants… and the ever-present possibility of mold growth…
If only you were alerted to the water leak before it caused that damage… before it became a really big and costly problem…
With the Flood Buzz™ line of water leak alarms, you can now be warned of water leaks when they happen. Our alarms have become critical tools in warning apartment dwellers, building managers and landlords of water leaks that may lead to water damage and mold before they become costly problems to remediate.
The newest addition to the Flood Buzz™ line of water leak alarms, the Flood Buzz™ Blue, is designed specifically to fit right into water heater pans and provides a simple, low-cost tool to help avoid major water damage from leaking water heaters. The Flood Buzz™ Blue alerts to when a water heater needs to be repaired or replaced before it bursts.
Flood Buzz™ alarms are the lowest cost reusable water leak alarms in the market – so now you can afford to place an alarm at every potential water leak location within your properties.

Our Testimonials

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“Since the Flood Buzz™ Pro needs to be replaced every 3 years, I’ll be able to reconnect with my customers on a regular basis.” 

Aaron Neo

“Not only does the Flood Buzz™ Pro help my customers by warning them of a leak before it becomes a flood, it also shows my customers that i do care about them. This has helped me develop great relationships with my customers.” 


“It lets my customers know that they have leak – and then they call me. Nothing could be simpler.”

Project Manager

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