Mold. The stuff that nightmares are made of—at least for building owners and property managers. As someone who has firsthand experience with terminating a lease (legally) due to the presence of mold in a wall containing a broken steam riser, I understand that the best case scenario is a vacant apartment and repair costs. The worst case scenario is serious illness followed by a lawsuit.

The problem with mold is that by the time symptoms are noticed it is too late. As any maintenance team knows, the key to avoiding mold is to discover water leaks early before they can cause greater problems. Archetype Ltd., a New Jersey-based manufacturer, has developed a new tool that serves as a preemptive strike in the fight against fungus.

Flood Buzz Pro is a simple-to-use and low-cost water leak alarm that is designed to prevent the liabilities and legal exposure to landlords and management companies caused by water leaks. Installation could not be easier. Just place the Flood Buzz Pro and forget it. The unit comes with an internal battery that has up to a three-year lifespan and will only sound its 110 decibel alarm if and when there is a water leak condition that touches the two prongs on the bottom of the device.

Flood Buzz Pro is a good choice for areas near water heaters, in laundry rooms, under sinks, and in suspected leak locations. Knowing that the alarms are there to let you know when something goes wrong should help your management sleep a little better at night.