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Flood Buzz™ The simple [and inexpensive] solution to help you avoid costly water damage

We have made monitoring your properties for water leaks really easy. The four models in The Flood Buzz™ line of water leak alarms cover the majority of possible leak conditions. There are no buttons to push, no programming to worry about, and no batteries to buy because Flood Buzz™ alarms already have batteries inside. Just place it and forget it. The Flood Buzz™ alarm will let you know if and when you have a leak.
Flood Buzz™ alarms are good for three years. They are reusable and simple to test by dipping the two bottom prongs in a bit of water or placing on a damp cloth. Dry the prongs off and your Flood Buzz™ alarm is ready to be used again.
For best protection, replace your Flood Buzz™ alarm by the “Replace by” date on the alarm

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